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Star Wars Episode 3 Story: The Talk Between Friends

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Star Wars Episode 3 Story: The Talk Between Friends
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Anakin Skywalker

Story setting taking place in the Jedi Temple: Anakin Skywalker getting mad at Obi-wan Kenobi because Anakin will not tell Obi-wan Kenobi that he is in love with his wife Monica.


Anakin: (sighs) You're asking me to do something against the republic against a mentor and a friend. Plus your wife Monica-wan Kenobi. That's what's out of place of here. Why are you asking this of me?

Obi-wan: Anakin, don't take tone with me. Understand? The council is asking you. And why did you bring up my wife's name?

Anakin: I'm sorry Obi-wan. (bows) Please forgive me. I'm just asking, she has nothing to do with this....

Obi-wan: Are you getting on with my wife? You know Anakin you shouldn't had've asked me about her.

Anakin: I know she is....

Obi-wan: (lifts eyebrows up) My wife.

Anakin: (looking sad) yeah she is. But, there is any way or chance that I have a word with her private about something?

Obi-wan: No, you can't Anakin. She home with my two kids. Why is something you can't talk to me about?

Anakin: I understand...No, there's isn't. (Gone in thought) I love her. I can't tell Obi-wan that I love his wife. He would be upset and uptight about it. I don't want Obi-wan to know. I have to play it cool with him. (Back out of thought)

Obi-wan: Anakin? Anakin? Do you understand what I am telling you about?

Anakin (shakes head): Yeah, I do understand.

Obi-wan (looks at him in a weird way): I'll...let you go talk to Palatine about our situation.

Anakin (Shakes head again and bows): Sure, I'll do my best to talk to him.

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