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The True and False of Eposide 3

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Turth: Anakin and Monica used to be best buds after he got jealous of Monica taking Obi-wan. Anakin is someone who can trust only if you are on the dark side. Anakin had feelings for Padme but he's feelings killed her. Anakn always wanted to marry Monica-Gon Jinn but couldn't because she was getting married to Obi-wan Kenobi. Monica was trying to cheat on Obi-wan Kenobi.  Anakin and Monica started dating, but the dating turned into a relationship. When Obi-wan Kenobi found out that Monica was dated Anakin he got upset and he threw Anakin against the wall. Obi-wan and Monica had been against each other but made up afterwards. Obi-wan surpised Monica with a proposal on Coursant. Obi-wan and Monica got married  between in the Revenge of the Sith.

Truth: In past Anakin had dated Monica.

False: Master Yoda did know that Anakin had feelings for Padme, but he heart was more on Monica.

Truth: Anakin Skywalker got mad at Obi-wan Kenobi because he married Monica-Gon Jinn. Anakin wanted to kill Monica's while she was in pregnancy.

False: Padme was not mad at Monica dating Anakin.

Truth: Anakin left his wife Padme during Episode 3 while he goes make out with Obi-wan's wife. (That's why Padme was crying while he left)

False: Anakin Skywalker is not the father of Monica-wan kenobi children.

False: Obi-wan Kenobi never dated another Jedi in his life. He never even liked the girls he liked before Monica.

Truth: Padme and Monica were bestfriends.

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